Our Portfolio

To add a lauched site to the PMW Portfolio, simply add a new blog post to the PMW blog titled "Our Portfolio" in Nesthub.

Current Clients VS New Clients

Before adding a new portfolio post, please make sure that there isn't an existing portfolio post for that client's website.

Current Clients with existing portfolio posts must be updated. Only New Clients should get a new post.

Portfolio Images

Grab a full size screenshot of the home page using Chrome Dev Tools.

  1. Open Chrome Dev Tools
  2. Set Responsive width to 1700px
  3. Click the icon with the 3 vertical dots on the upper right and select "Capture full size screenshot"
  4. Rename/Resize/Optimize image - 1285px width
  5. Upload the optimized image to the /images/portfolio/ folder on the PMW website in Nesthub

Note: If your screenshot looks weird, you may have to use Chrome Dev Tools to remove the animations, adjust the home-banner height (if set to 100vh), and remove parallax on images (background-attachment:fixed) before capturing the screenshot.

Portfolio Content

Post Date = Launched Date. Please update the post date if it's a current client project.

You may set the Author to PMW or add yourself as an author if you want to show off your amazing dev skillz.

Please use the 'Portfolio Post Content Generator' below to ensure proper formatting of Portfolio Content.

Better data = better search results! Please make sure to add as much information as possible.

PMI Franchisee Sites

Please select "Franchisee" as the Build Type

Portfolio Post Content Generator