PMI Site Downgrade Checklist (non-digital marketing)

  1. Note all content clustering pages for each Pillar for redirects/deletion (they get to keep high level services page for each)
  2. Add permanent redirects to Franchisee's site admin for those pages - go back to site and check that pages are redirecting to home page (you can find pages in the snippets: residential-content, commercial-content, etc)
  3. Delete pages in Atom (basically the pages in your redirect list)
  4. Update the nav snippet to remove all content clustering pages, leaving only high level links to main services pages
  5. Cancel Blog Orders in HOTH (also let Jerry know for his board)
  6. Delete Review widget from home page
  7. Update website to remove Call Tracking
  8. Update subscription in Nesthub - $49/mo - cancel all other services in Nesthub
  9. Remove AMP from home page, services page banners, services pages below banner
  10. Disable YEXT
  11. Disable Reporting
  12. Disable CallRail
  13. Delete Analytics Account
  14. Remove URL from search console
  15. Remove Franchise from Locator in the PMI Corp Account