PMI Location Setup

Add Locations to the PMI Brand Website - Find a Property Manager

Log into PMI Admin:

  • Click Locators --> Locators
  • Click Locators Name in the list
PMI Locator Menu

PMI Locator List

Click Actions --> Add Locations

PMI Add Location

  • Fill in All Required Information
  • Code: Franchisee name, dashes for spaces. Ex: PMI Big Tex --> pmi-big-tex
  • Logo URL:
  • Website URL: pull from spreadsheet (include https://www.)
  • Check whether we have to hide the address - if you are not sure, Google the Franchisee name, go to their contact page and if only the city, state & zip show, we have to hide it.
  • If hours don't exist, leave blank
  • Click Save
PMI Save Location

Once saved, scroll to Add Services --> Actions --> Add Service

  • Choose Pillars and click Save
PMI Add Service