PMI Site Cancellation Checklist

  1. Cancel Website
  2. Disable Call Tracking
  3. Disable
    • Remove User
    • Remove Profile
    • Decrease # of Profiles by 1 so we don't keep paying for it
  4. Cancel Blog Orders
  5. Disable YEXT
  6. Disable Reporting
  7. Delete Analytics Account
  8. Remove URL from search console
  9. Remove Franchise from Locator in the PMI Corp Account

PMI Pillar Cancellation Checklist

  1. Make note of page names for redirects
  2. Delete pages from website
  3. Delete Pillars from the nav snippet
  4. Delete Pillars from the footer snippet
  5. Update the pillars snippet
  6. Add redirects to their site
  7. If you remove the primary Pillar, Residential for example...
    1. Check the home page buttons to make sure they point to the new primary Pillar
    2. Set the Pillar in the Services section of the home page
    3. Set the Pillar in the Areas section of the home page
  8. Remove the Pillars in the Website Setup line of their subscription in NestHub
  9. Remove the Pillars from their Location in the Corp NestHub Account
  10. Update Hoth so correct Pillar content is generated