PMI Site Builds

Franchisee Google Drive:


  • Create site in Nesthub using the template that most closely correlates with the franchisee you are building
    • Add 2023 to end of name to differentiate new and old sites
    • Select template 0. PMI Franchisee
  • Create Blog & Update Author Name
    • Make sure slug is property-management-blog
    • Blogs will be imported after build
  • Set up Listings
  • Add user to NestHub account to post blogs & view forms post launch
    • In Monday, need to input username & password set for client
  • Add temp URL to Monday


  • Set up Active Campaign
    • Go to Plugins —> Active Campaign
      • url: active-campaign
      • template: leave blank
      • base url: Active Campaign link in Monday
      • API Key: AC API Key in Monday
  • Set correct email address for forms
    • Use Lead Email in Monday
  • Test forms
  • Delete any unused forms


  1. Upload both white and colored logo & home banner image from drive
    • logos go in pmi-resources site to images --> logos
    • name white logo after company with dashes instead of spaces -- ex. PMI-Midwest.png
    • name colored logo -- ex. PMI-Midwest-color.png
  2. Update ALL Snippets
    • All links are in Monday and in PMI Spreadsheet
    • Only used Areas Served they are using on current site as that is all that is approved
      • Franchisee's get 5 residential landing pages only, unless they have more build out on current Imaginuity site
      • Other pillars only get 1 primary landing page, unless they only service 1 pillar that is not residential
    • Check in Monday to see if franchisee wants their address shown, otherwise just use City, State, Zip
    • When updating "pillars" snippet, make sure to include “and” bc it updates within a paragraph in the text (ex. Residential, Commercial, and Association)
    • Lead Email field in Monday is what we are using for contact snippet
  3. Update file names with market-1 (market-property-management & market-homes-for-rent)
    • market-property-management is for primary market
    • market-2-property-management is for all secondary markets
  4. Update market-property-management page with a new city specific image & city specific info
  5. Update hours of operation on contact us page
  6. Go to the Imaginuity site to check to make sure everything matches up (link is in Monday)
    • Pull over any additional pages on Imaginuity site to new site, content & images
    • Delete any pages that they don’t currently have on their site (pricing pages, military pages, etc)
    • Check “Residential Guarantees” page and match up guarantees with their Imaginuity site to make sure all guarantees match up
    • Check “Pricing” page to make sure that pricing matches up
    • Videos on Agents pages or Resources pages will need to be updated if they are different from the standard videos
    • Some might have other Affiliations to add to the footer so check the main site
    • About us page, Owner & Tenant FAQs will need to be pulled from main site
    • Update “Special Banner Text Here” in the header
      • Sometimes the text is about Brokerage; some have a link to WhatsApp, etc
    • If they have an Investment Services page, unhide Investment Services section on the home page
    • Careers page will need to be hidden if they do not have it
      • If they have Careers page, grab iframe from current site
    • **If Texas site, we will have to go and get the PDF from their existing footer bc it will be different per site
  7. If they don't have a homewatch page, you will need to hide "Homewatch" in the services snippet.
  8. If they have Real Estate, update homes for sale page to say coming soon and update template to full OR add IDX if they have one.
  9. Once complete add site to Pastel for Review and add to Build Review in Monday
    • Once out of testing phase, change canvas ownership in Pastel to
    • If anything is missing due to client content make notes in Pastel & Monday
  10. In Monday, need to input Nesthub Admin username, password, & Pastel Link


  • Nav
    • Our Services dropdown
    • Properties dropdown
    • Resources dropdown
  • CTAs snippet on home page
    • Update 1st CTA and remove extra pillars
    • Update 3rd CTA and remove extra rental links for pillars
    • If removing Real Estate, remove 2nd CTA
  • Pillars snippet
  • Footer snippet links
  • If no Association, remove in both places in header


  • Make sure logo is responsive for screen sizes and scroll (affix header)
  • Check site on mobile device(s)

PMI Listings

Add a Page

  • Go to: Listings —> Pages —> Add Page
  • Title Tag:
    • Atlanta Homes for Rent, Houses for Rent in Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, Georgia Rental Homes.
  • Meta Tag:
    • Find Atlanta, GA homes for rent with our borderless search. Search by any criteria!

PMI Add Page

Add a Feed

  • Go to: Listing —> Feeds —> Add Feed
  • Feed name:
    • Propertyware or Tenant Turner
  • If Propertyware
    • Username: WID
    • Password: SID
    • Account Name: Grab from Portal URL: (ex: pmigreaterphiladelphia_pminc_template)
    PMI Propertyware Feed
  • If Tenant Turner:
    • Put the tenant turner customerID ( = 2178) in the the necessary fields
    PMI Tenant Turner Feed
  • To Run the Feed go to Listings —> Click the Feed Name —> Actions —> Run Feed
  • Go to Settings --> View Template --> Rentals --> Save Changes

Vacation Listings

  • All Vacation feeds should already be added to the main PMI account in Nesthub, but if not...Go to
  • Click Feeds --> Add Feed
  • PMI BA Feed
  • Grab Feed ID - this is what you will use when setting up the Plugin in the Franchisee website
    • Click the Feed from the list you want to use
    • Feed ID will be the number in the URL
  • PMI Feed ID

    Add Plugin to Franchisee

  • Login to the Franchisee website to add the Vacation Plugin
    • Go to Plugins --> Add Plugin
    • Feed ID will be the number you pulled from the URL
    • Title tag: Greensboro Vacation Homes for Rent, Vacation Houses for Rent in Greensboro, NC, Greensboro, North Carolina Vacation Rental Homes
    • Meta: Find Greensboro, North Carolina vacation homes for rent with our borderless search. Search by any criteria!
  • PMI Vacation Plugin