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Version 10 Setup

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Pricing & Packages

PMW Package Name iHomeFinder Name What We Pay What The Client Pays
Agent Standard Optima IDX Standard $22.40/mo $49.95/mo
Agent Premium Premium IDX $55.20/mo $84.95/mo
Agent Premium + CRM IDX Premium + CRM $84.50/mo $129.95/mo
Broker Standard Broker IDX $47/mo $79.95/mo
Broker Premium Broker IDX Premium $81/mo $124.95/mo
Broker Premium + CRM Optima IDX Broker ONE (no MarketBoost) $199.95/mo

Partner Portal: Adding a Client

Express Agent Setup:

  • Once you create an account, the IDX contract is sent out and the process is triggered automatically
  • Website URL:
    • Can put both production URL and Dev URL like so:
      • Prod: URL; Dev: URL
  • Agent ID: Search tool will work if the agent has at least one active listing; if no active listings, can default to their license number
  • Can change username and password later on

Add a Client:

  • Creates a shell account - may be best for clients who are unsure about whether or not they want to sign up
  • Able to add package and whatnot later

System Links:

  • Gives an idea of URL structure that will be used for page links - replace xxx with client ID

Agent/Listing Search:

  • Search for a listing if client is “missing it on the website” - ask the client to provide a listing number, search for it, if you can’t see it, try to troubleshoot it - may be spaces in URL or around listing ID
  • If the listing doesn’t appear in search: client maybe just uploaded it, may take some time (24 hours) to upload to the server or could be internal issues - contact support for help

Billing Information:

  • Ask Natalie directly for any questions on billing

Paperwork Manager:

  • IDX approval - clients will receive a form that they have to sign and fill out, broker has to sign as well - MLS board wants to verify client is a part of MLS board.
  • Will show where clients are in the process
  • Approval processing time is typically between 7-14 business days, could be less time or even longer
  • If you want to expedite, you can contact iHomeFinder to ask if there is an update

MLS Board Info:

  • Go to list, click on specific board, will show how often updates are made, whether or not MLS board includes sold listings, approval processing time, etc.
  • Check IDX Coverage

Paperwork Statuses:

  • New board requested, email sent
    • This means the paperwork has been sent to the client and not yet filled out
  • Sent to Board for Approval
    • The status of the account will go to "Sent to Board for Approval" once iHomeFinder has received and processed the paperwork from the client & then sent it to the MLS for approval.


Add Client's Logos

There are a few places to add the client's logos.

  • Alert & Email Settings > Branding
  • Listing Settings > Results & Featured ( near the bottom of the page )

Version 10 Setup

  1. Log into the client's iHomeFinder Control Panel
    • Navigate to Setup > Website > Version & Platform
    • Switch to Version 10
    • Make sure the website's URL is set to their live domain. The widget will only work on the domain you enter.
    • Set the url in Step 2 to https://www.[yourwebsite].com/idx
  2. In NestHub
    • Create a new page template in NestHub/Atom called "ihomefinder"
      • Copy/paste the Version 10 scripts from iHomeFinder Control Panel to the "ihomefinder" page template

        Add inside of HEAD tag on "ihomefinder" page template:

                            <script src="https://kestrel.idxhome.com/ihf-kestrel.js"></script>
                            	window.ihfKestrel = window.ihfKestrel || {};
                            	ihfKestrel.config = {
                            		platform: "custom",
                            		activationToken: "28fac688-b13e-469d-80be-d8805ed08000", // Each Client will get their own activationToken

        Add inside of BODY tag on "ihomefinder" page template immediately AFTER {% content %}:

        This is where the widget will show up on your pages.

    • Create a new folder in Atom called "idx"
      • Drag & Drop all files from the IDX folder in the Downloaded Pages to the IDX folder you just created in Atom.
      • Drag & Drop the market-homes-for-sale.html file to the main / folder in Atom - OR - replace your current homes-for-sale page with that code.
    • Set the Page Template as "ihomefinder" for all pages in the IDX Folder & the /[market]-homes-for-sale page
  3. In the client's iHomeFinder Control Panel
    • Navigate to Setup > Website > SEO Pages
    • For each page listed:
      • Update "Page Location" to include the idx folder, Example: /idx/listing
      • Check the box for "I've completed the setup for this page"
      • Click "Save" button
      • Note: You do NOT have to add the embed code on these since we already added it to the "ihomefinder" Page Template

Setting up Markets: Saved Searches / Custom Maps / Custom Widgets

  • Click on Markets in the top Nav and click Add a New Market
  • Enter the search critera you want for your custom search.
  • Click the main Markets tab to view all the Markets you've created.
  • You can directly link to the new Market pages you've created [ under the links column see View Pages ]
  • You can also use the Market ID to add to the Market Widgets to only show properties from that saved search
  • A good example of Market pages can be found on HomeRiver Realty Boise

Support Contact

IDX Contact

For questions about IDX approval process or new MLSs/Boards, you can contact the contracts team directly:

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