Canadian Feeds

FRS only supports Canadian Feeds via Buildium.

Add CA as the password on the FRS feed settings and add the following CSS to change the currency:

					.frs-widget-v2.prop-view .prop-info-panel .prop-details .prop-rent .prop-rent-frequency { font-size: 0!important; }
.frs-widget-v2.prop-view .prop-info-panel .prop-details .prop-rent .prop-rent-frequency:before { content: 'CAD / Month'; font-size: 12px; }


The following filters can be added to FRS widgets:

  • cityID
  • stateID
  • keywordSearch
  • rentMin
  • rentMax
  • beds
  • baths
  • propertyTypeID
  • petOptionID
  • isFurnished
Locating State & City IDs

Navigate to FRS > Settings > Country then go the the city or state you need and grab the code from the URL


<div data-frs="properties" data-filter="{&quot;keywordSearch&quot; : &quot;Pool&quot;}"></div>
<div data-frs="properties" data-filter="{&quot;cityID&quot; : &quot;FCC4BBC4-4F25-4C27-86A8-B047F575B56E&quot;}"></div>

Can also filter by organization --> data-organization-id="E72159FD-E23A-4A77-BF33-763422789935"


**When using ShowMojo to pull in properties to FRS, the application associated with the property WILL NOT pull over. If they are using Buildium or Propertyware, we should pull in from them so everything pulls over, and then update the Import Source in Showmojo to FRS (In ShowMojo go to Settings --> Listing import --> Available Importers --> PMW/FRS). This can result in duplicate properties being created within Showmojo, so will need to be careful doing it this way and be prepared to merge duplicated properties together in the backend of Showmojo.

Setting Up Properties to Pull Into FRS

  1. Get XML link and use the series of letters and numbers at the end of the URL to plug into FRS. (example of URL:
    See photo: Do not set "Showings Provider" when importing from Showmojo. This only works when FRS is the source.

  2. Since ShowMojo doesn’t provide the application URL, we either can set a generic application URL (doesn't work if using Appfolio because they don't have a generic app URL) in the properties template or add it manually to each listing in FRS

    Go into the properties template snippet and swap <%=ad.applicationUrl%> to their Application URL:

    							<div class="prop-apply"><a href="<%=ad.applicationUrl%>" target="_blank" class="frs-btn">Apply Online</a></div>

    OR to have client add manually to each listing:

  3. In the properties template snippet, you will need to update the ShowMojo "Schedule a Showing" button from this:
    							<div class="prop-showing"><a href="<%=ad.showMojoID%>" target="_blank" class="frs-btn">Schedule a Showing</a></div>
    and swap with this:
    							<div class="frsw-property-view-showing"><a href="{{ property.sourceID }}" target="_blank" class="frsw-btn frsw-btn-primary frsw-btn-block" id="sm_schedule_link">Schedule a Showing</a></div>

ShowMojo and the APP PopUp Upgrade

Add the following code above the widget code in the details template:

					<script src=""></script>

Then update the ShowMojo Schedule a Showing button from:

					<div class="frsw-property-view-showing"><a href="{{ property.showMojoID }}" target="_blank" class="frsw-btn frsw-btn-primary frsw-btn-block">Schedule a Showing</a></div>
to this:
					<div class="frsw-property-view-showing"><a href="{{ property.adID }}" target="_blank" class="frsw-btn frsw-btn-primary frsw-btn-block" id="sm_schedule_link">Schedule a Showing</a></div>

Save & Test on site.

Hide The Showmojo Link in the Property Description

Replace <%=ad.adDescription%> with the following:


If hiding ShowMojo Link in APP

Replace {{ property.adDescription }} with the following:



						{% capture showMojoID %}{{ property.adDescription | split: '<br>' | first }}{% endcapture %}
						{{ property.adDescription | replace: showMojoID, '' }}

If hiding ShowMojo Link in Nesthub Listings Widget

Replace {{ listing.description }} with the following:



						{{ listing.description  | split: '----' | last }}


Show Feed from Parent Profile

Subprofile Settings

Tenant Turner

Getting Feed Set Up In FRS

You will need to reach out to and ask him for the JSON Feed URL for [Company Name]. (example of URL:

Once you have the JSON URL, go into FRS and use the last part of that URL, in this case spacesmanagement, and plug into FRS.

tenant turner setup

Shedule Showing Button Fix

If you have a client that is using Tenant Turner for their showings and the link isn't working properly, it's because the Tenant Turner url actually comes through FRS as the websiteUrl instead of the showingUrl so all you have to do is swap

on the homes-for-rent-view template

Additional FRS Docs